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Heart Centred Therapy

“Change is about interrupting the habits and patterns that no longer serve us.” Edith Edger

Heart Centred Therapy

What is Heart Centred Therapy?

Heart Centred is a phrase I use to let you know that my presence in the sessions is centred in being compassionate, caring, warm and open. Integrated therapy simply means that the session is tailored to your specific needs and that as therapist, who is trained in different methods I will chose the perfect way of working with you to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Heart Centred Therapist

Havening Techniques Practitioner - Mia Sera Coaching

Hi, I am Mia

I am a Heart Centred therapist and a Havening Techniques practitioner. My personal journey, my struggles and the changes that were possible for me in my life led me to train in various modalities so that I can facilitate you. You have this one valuable precious life, and you deserve to be happy and free to make the most of it. Perhaps you feel stuck, caught up in overthinking, maybe you keep repeating behaviours and you would love to stop. Trauma is often the root cause of addiction, when we heal the trauma, we release the need to soothe with addictive habits.

If you would like to find and heal the root cause of your current habits, if you feel anxious, weary of life, worried, sad or irritable then you have come to the right place.

If you have experienced abuse of any nature, physical, emotional, or sexual that impacts you today, know that healing is possible. When you have become so tired and so uncomfortable with how life is for you then you are ripe for change and I am here to assist you to make peace with the past, find freedom in the present and hope for the future.

 Mia Sera

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Transform Your Life

Work together to transform your life.

What My Clients Say

* * *

My name is Anthony. I was looking for someone to help me for a long a time. The same issues kept repeating themselves and popping up again and again. I have issues in relationships and abandonment, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Blocked in many areas.

When I came across Mia’s page on FB I know she could help me. This was in the height of the covid, so we met on zoom and quickly I started getting results in areas which normally baffled me.

Fast forward 2.5 years I’m in the same relationship and doing something professionally that I love and thought I would never be doing. Yes I know this down to me but I never would be where I am know if I hadn’t had the help and support to deal with my issues.

I Would I recommend Mia yes 100%. If your stuck and need help contact her. Mia works from the heart using meditation , box breathing , havening and counselling.


* * *

“I joined Mia’s Miracles 365 group last October to get some support and help in working the ACIM workbook lessons. I have found the calls invaluable in helping me stick with the lessons and also got some wonderful insights both from Mia and other members of the group. Mia has a great understanding of the course and brings wisdom with practical everyday examples of how she works it in her personal life.


* * *

My session with Mia was so inspirational and healing! I really loved it and felt joy and happiness in that session even though it brought up a lot of powerful emotions in many of us.

/Rochelle Maharaj/

* * *

“To find myself studying The Workbook Lessons of ACIM with Mia at all, was a miracle in itself. It has had a unique impact on my inner life – I’m now more grounded, joyful, contented and peaceful. This has had a spin out effect onto my nearest and dearest. One by one, we can change the world.

/M. Keenan/

* * *

“I have recently started lessons with Mia on ‘A Course in Miracles’. The first day I began I found so much grounding and comfort in Mia’s words and in her presence. I start my day with these lessons and feel more peaceful, more grounded, more present with myself as I take on the day. I love Mia’s teaching style, openness, genuineness, and acceptance.