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About Me

My qualifications and studies all lie in personal development and emotional wellbeing. My drive and interest both coming from my own desire for personal happiness and a deep love and care for humanity. I am a mother to four adult children and no stranger to trials of life.

Mission & Vision

I have spent many years teaching Yoga and Meditation, during this time I began to awaken to my greater purpose which I believe is to help facilitate change and transform the emotional pain many people feel. I teach people how to cope with overpowering emotions as well every day stressors .Using Gentle therapies, Havening Techniques® and other practices the aim is to empower others to not only be comfortable in their own skin but to experience the state of ease and awareness, to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and trauma related patterns and to gain resilience in the face of life’s ups and downs. My methods allow people to leave the past behind and create a Calm, Relaxed and Happy Present.

Mia Sera.

Adv Dip Hypnotherapy. Adv Dip Mind Coaching, Dip Drug and Alcohol Studies, UL.

Cert HE Addiction Studies, Cert HE, Counselling Skills. Havening Techniques® Practitioner. Mindfulness life Coach. EFT practitioner. Yoga teacher.


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