Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Cacao is chocolate in its most original form, Ceremonial grade cacao has had nothing added and nothing taken from it and so retains all of the wonderful natural occurring properties including the fat [cocoa butter] which is the carrier to bring the nutrients to all the right places. It is a Superfood and a plant Medicine. From a physical health perspective cacao helps to reduce cholesterol, relax tense muscles and it lifts the mood. Active ingredients include Theobromine, Anandamide, Phenylethylamine, Magnesium, Manganese, Antioxidants, chromium and Iron. Keith’s Cacao is sourced ethically, with integrity and intuition, only premium beans are used. The fermenting and roasting of the beans is providing an income for 30 families in Guatemala.​

How and Why do I work with Cacao?

I have literally felt called to work with cacao and to share this wonderous plant medicine with others. Cacao works on the cardiovascular system and brings more blood flow to the heart, literally helping to open the heart gently. When I was first drawn to Cacao, I was needing to heal from old wounds which had me shut down and in protection mode. In my relationship with my husband, I was less affectionate and closed off. Cacao ceremony gently opened that door, and I experienced many more gifts besides. I noticed a new level of groundedness, clarity, presence. I began to feel lighter and happier in myself and what I describe as a homecoming. Also, my creativity has begun to flow again, and this is the experience of many people when they drink cacao. My day now begins with a cup of warming cacao and some quiet time to set intentions.

Mia Method

Cacao Ceremonies

A Cacao Ceremony can be done alone, in private sessions, or as part of a group ceremony. It is a powerful space in which to open, transform, heal, ground or to become creative, joyful, and playful. The ceremonial grade cacao used in my ceremonies is of the highest quality. Filled by nature with wondrous ingredients to softly bring you to the door of your heart, this plant medicine will meet you where you are needing it most. Theobromine literally translates as Food for the Gods and is the heart opening compound and increases mental focus, Anandamide is the bliss compound and allows for states of blissful contentment, Phenylethylamine is known as the love chemical, it increases dopamine and elevates mood. Book your private Session today or follow me on Instagram to hear when Ceremonies are taking place.

Delicious ways to prepare your Cacao

Warning if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have high blood pressure or a heart condition, or are on anti- depressant medications a lower than recommend dose maybe required or you may wish to consult your physician.

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