Group Programmes

Groups and wellness programmes in private and community settings.

I have facilitated groups and run wellness programmes for fifteen years both in private and community settings. Specific Programmes can be designed to suit the needs of your group or staff.

“Mia is an experienced facilitator whom I have been working with for over 8 years. During this time Mia has facilitated  many diverse groups, always meeting the needs of the participants with patience  kindness and her vast knowledge and skills.  Using her inherent  insight to gently support exploration and challenge, which in turn enables  progress from within. Mia has over the years worked with people on a one to one to support the group process. Mia has the unique ability to always maintain a professionally relationship with people while being true to her own experiences. Feedback from participants say they gave felt  a strong honest connection with Mia and have benefited from working with her.”

Margo,  North Tipperary. 


The Mia Method

I currently teach two programmes ‘The Mia Method’, which is all about learning to relax fully, it is aimed at busy women juggling families, careers and more. The programme can be run online or in person.  The course is covered in six weeks with one lesson per week.  


Calm, Centred and in Control

The second course I am available to teach is called ‘Calm, Centred and in Control’. This is an eight week mindfulness based programme specifically aimed at learning to self soothe, in order to reduce anxiety and cope with over whelming emotions as they arise. Working with small groups of six to eight people, the group will learn easily applied skills which will serve them for life and help to navigate through difficult times, to gain resilience and to change the landscape of one’s brain.


Mindfulness Based Programmes


Wellness Programmes


Customised to the Groups Needs

Mia Method