Heart Centred Integrated Therapy

Heart Centred is a phrase I use to let you know that my presence in the sessions is centred in being compassionate, caring, warm and open. Integrated therapy simply means that the session is tailored to your specific needs. 

Integrated Therapy

Integrated Therapy is a means to working with you exactly where you are at. There is no one fits all solution to helping you make positive changes in your life and so seeing an integrated therapist means that your challenges will be met with a way forward that is right for you.

Different people respond to different techniques. If you have experienced trauma in your life, either in your childhood or as an adult it can trigger anxiety, chronic stress, post-traumatic stress and interfere with your everyday life in all sorts of ways, symptoms such as poor sleep, excessive worry, heart palpitations, sweating, irritation, pains and aches, panic, frozen emotions, overeating and more. It can lead to addictive behaviours to self soothe or to cope.

Havening Techniques®

Havening Techniques® is a very gentle yet effective way to reset the brain, to dissolve the emotional content of the traumas in your life so that you begin to feel safe and secure. Once we dissolve the encoded information, you will be able to make positive changes with ease.  Sometimes being listened to with an empathic ear and in a caring environment is what is needed, to be seen, heard, to have your story witnessed.

When you are met with loving-kindness, non-judgement, and unconditional positive regard you can begin to heal. Sharing your pain, your fears and your worries are a major step in recovering from the symptoms of stress which affect one emotionally, mentally, and physically. The other therapies which I draw from are highly effective to manage some addictions and symptoms of anxiety, these are mind coaching, hypnotherapy and mindfulness practices.

You came into this world pure, perfect, and complete, life here is not always easy and it can really feel like a struggle. You sometimes are so affected by the experiences you have had that you lose hope or feel stuck or disheartened. Coming to therapy is an invaluable step in self-care, in reclaiming you, in choosing a better life, in shedding what is in the way of you living a happy, fulfilled present and future.

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Before I went to Mia I felt I had potential inside myself that fear and self doubt held back. Mia guided me over these seemingly insurmountable issues and helped me to unlock the potential within myself and become a more compassionate and well rounded person

– David, Co  Tipperary

"Mia is an experienced facilitator whom I have been working with for over 8 years.

During this time Mia has facilitated  many diverse groups, always meeting the needs of the participants with patience  kindness and her vast knowledge and skills.  Using her inherent  insight to gently support exploration and challenge, which in turn enables  progress from within. Mia has over the years worked with people on a one to one to support the group process. Mia has the unique ability to always maintain a professionally relationship with people while being true to her own experiences. Feedback from participants say they gave felt  a strong honest connection with Mia and have benefited from working with her."

– Margo,  North Tipperary.

In my opinion & experience, Mia is an amazing person, very welcoming & warm hearted ❤

– Private Client 

I have worked with Mia for a few sessions and I highly recommend her.

 Mia’s coaching style coupled with her caring, warm nature ensured it was an easy process. The havening techniques she uses are life changing with immediate results and her gentle coaching skills are powerful. If, you are considering booking a session, Book it!! I promise you will never look back.

- Hazel, Limerick 

I went to Mia, as I had been suffering with anxiety and stress for 4 months after a break-up.

The anxiety was occurring on and off most days. After only 2 sessions with Mia, the anxiety was completely gone. I felt much happier and stronger in myself and ready to move on with my life with a much more positive attitude. Her safe and caring attitude was of great value to me at the time, I highly recommend Mia.  

- Christina

“She shows a very caring attitude & always, non- judgmental."

– Private Client

“She very much enjoys, helping to solve a problem, with her client’s best interest @ heart.”

– Private Client

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