Heart Centred Therapy

Heart Centred therapy is an umbrella term which I have chosen for my work which combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client.

What is Heart Centred Therapy?

Heart Centred therapy is an umbrella term which I have chosen for my work which combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. With an understanding of human development, as a therapist and coach I tailor sessions to fit each client in different ways. By combining elements drawn from different modalities of healing, heart centred therapy becomes a more flexible and inclusive approach to wellbeing than more traditional, singular forms of therapy.


Loving, mindful, presence

Mindfulness coaching, leading to self -awareness, in the moment presence is a key instrument in in reducing stress, finding peace and understanding one’s self.

Often, being listened to with an empathic ear and in a caring environment is what is needed, to be seen, heard, to have your story witnessed. When you are met with loving kindness, non-judgement, and unconditional positive regard you can begin to heal. Sharing your pain, your fears and your worries is a major step in recovering from the symptoms of stress which effect one emotionally, mentally, and physically. Learning to listen with mindful presence, [through mindfulness coaching] to what is embodied, what is held somatically and healing through the expression of that in a safe environment, is deeply nourishing.


Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy

The other therapies which I draw from are highly effective to manage some addictions and symptoms of anxiety, these are mind coaching, hypnotherapy. Mind coaching uses the language of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It enables you to rewire your thinking, thus you can shape a new reality.

Hypnotherapy is being in a deeply relaxed state and given suggestions that create new habits and patterns of behaviour that serve you in changing your life.

You came into this world pure, perfect, and complete, life here is not always easy and it can really feel like a struggle. You sometimes are so affected by the experiences you have had that you lose hope or feel stuck or disheartened. Coming to therapy is an invaluable step in selfcare, in reclaiming you, in choosing a better life, in shedding what is in the way of you living a happy, fulfilled present and future.


Havening Techniques ®

Havening Techniques ® is a psychosensory technique which is powerful, yet gentle in transforming the impact of trauma and distressing feelings or memories.

If you have experienced trauma in your life, either in your childhood or as an adult it can trigger anxiety, chronic stress, post-traumatic stress and interfere with your everyday life in all sorts of ways, symptoms such as poor sleep, excessive worry, heart palpitations, sweating, irritation, pains and aches, panic, frozen emotions, overeating and more. It can lead to addictive behaviours to self soothe or to cope. Havening techniques is a very gentle yet effective way to reset the brain, to dissolve the emotional content of the traumas in your life so that you begin to feel safe and secure. Once we dissolve the encoded information, you will be able to make positive changes with ease.


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The price per session is 100 Euro. A typical session lasts about one hour, but sometimes can be a little shorter or longer, depending on your need. Looking forward to working with you!

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