What Mia’s Clients and Students Say

“Mia’s passion is for supporting people in making peace with their past so that they can enjoy a full and happy present”

Words of Appreciation and Gratitude

* * *

My name is Anthony. I was looking for someone to help me for a long a time. The same issues kept repeating themselves and popping up again and again. I have issues in relationships and abandonment, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Blocked in many areas.

When I came across Mia’s page on FB I know she could help me. This was in the height of the covid, so we met on zoom and quickly I started getting results in areas which normally baffled me.

Fast forward 2.5 years I’m in the same relationship and doing something professionally that I love and thought I would never be doing. Yes I know this down to me but I never would be where I am know if I hadn’t had the help and support to deal with my issues.

I Would I recommend Mia yes 100%. If your stuck and need help contact her. Mia works from the heart using meditation , box breathing , havening and counselling.


* * *

“I joined Mia’s Miracles 365 group last October to get some support and help in working the ACIM workbook lessons. I have found the calls invaluable in helping me stick with the lessons and also got some wonderful insights both from Mia and other members of the group. Mia has a great understanding of the course and brings wisdom with practical everyday examples of how she works it in her personal life.


* * *

My session with Mia was so inspirational and healing! I really loved it and felt joy and happiness in that session even though it brought up a lot of powerful emotions in many of us.

/Rochelle Maharaj/

* * *

“To find myself studying The Workbook Lessons of ACIM with Mia at all, was a miracle in itself. It has had a unique impact on my inner life – I’m now more grounded, joyful, contented and peaceful. This has had a spin out effect onto my nearest and dearest. One by one, we can change the world.

/M. Keenan/

* * *

“I have recently started lessons with Mia on ‘A Course in Miracles’. The first day I began I found so much grounding and comfort in Mia’s words and in her presence. I start my day with these lessons and feel more peaceful, more grounded, more present with myself as I take on the day. I love Mia’s teaching style, openness, genuineness, and acceptance.